Roald Sieberath

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Roald Sieberath
Startup Coach & Entrepreneurship AssistantSpeaker @ Failure – preventable or essential? (15:30-17:30) on raising money is not a real validation, selling to customers is

I have an experience of more than 15 years in ICT (and more specifically Internet and telco applications) with roles including CTO and CEO (ranging from architectural design to general management). I bring an innovative, “fresh look” analysis, and an entrepreneurial, “hands-on” execution.

My goal is to get involved with dynamic teams in startups and SMEs, and bring my entrepreneurial and business experience to help them to take advantage of technological innovation, and deliver value to the (global) market.

I have brought to market several innovations (some patent-pending), setup several projects and ventures (streaming, search engines, mobile, wireless, telemedicine), pitched to major Venture Capitalists, raised 5 M$, hired teams, opened international markets.

I also have experience in networking teams, setting up international R&D projects, submitted to the European Commission’s FP6/FP7 programs. And have a keen interest in the broader societal implications of business (environment, ethics, social entrepreneurship).

My technological interests are / have been / will be in : web 2.0, social networking and collective intelligence, bioinformatics, ICT in Healthcare, Internet of Things, cloud computing, storage, search engines, IT & software quality (ITIL, CMMI,…), elearning, ebooks, open source software.

By education, I have both a deep technical background (engineering degree in computer science, UC Louvain), and solid background in Business (up to an MBA) from Brussels (Solvay), Louvain and Stanford Business Schools.


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